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Fumiko! is coming to Xbox One on February 23rd!

When I first started working on the Xbox One port of the game I did not give the warning signs enough credit. As a solo dev, porting a game to a console is an unforgivingly challenging task. To quote a member from the development forums who shared a general step-by-step guide for other partners, this basically sums it up pretty well:

"I want to warn you if you're on a small team or by yourself porting a game. [...] Some portions of the porting process expect very high levels of knowledge regarding a subject matter and a lot of time to complete. Most of the time I felt like I was battling a boss in dark souls blind folded kicking my feet up into the air hoping something would hit only to see a death screen again. Yes many people have done it but don't expect it be a walk in the park, in fact expect it to be a walk on the side of mount Everest, naked."

Nevertheless, I did not slip and fall to an inevitable doom but tried to do small steps every day until I finally reached the top. It was refreshing and I would do it all over again, but for now it is time to celebrate!

Check out Fumiko! in the Microsoft Store

For this occasion, I have created a special Teaser to get everyone excited for the release. If you want to help me out, share this with your friends that own an Xbox One or share it with people who you think might enjoy!

If you own the game on Steam or if you're considering to buy it: The Xbox One version has feature parity with the Steam version. I have made some performance tweaks and improvements on certain things, but mostly to let the game run smoothly at all times. I am considering moving some of these improvements over to the Steam version anyways, as some of these are helpful to achieve better FPS in huge areas on lower end systems.

Entry #2 - 02/20/18

The new website is live! Take a look around, you'll find some new stuff and a new project to take interest in: Infectious Void. To make room for new things to come, Fumiko! has moved to its own section now. This gives people interested in the project a better way to keep track of it and opens up space for those interested in the studio and what I am doing at the moment a way to follow everything else. I also added this blog section for those of you looking for updates outside of the general buzz.

Entry #1 - 01/12/18